Measuring task:

Measurement of steel ingots

A client in steel industry is selling his products in form of steel ingots, which must dispose of a particularly even surface. In order to achieve this purpose, ingots before shipment are trimmed by surface milling. Beams produced by currently used point-shaped laser sources however, are not able to detect certain cavities. The client intends to make use of a more accurate 3D measurement method, in order to reduce required removal of material and additionally minimize the number of milling passes.

Measurement of steel ingots

The challenge

A broad laser line is necessary, to detect the deepest point of the steel ingots surface, so that the complete width of the ingot can be measured within one single pass.

Quelltech Solution

Three QuellTech Line triangulators Q4-1000 with 700 mm measuring width each are installed in parallel configuration over the steel ingots. These scanners are mutually coupled in asynchronous manner, so undesirable secondary light emanating from the other sensor can be suppressed. During the travel of the ingots below the sensors, their deepest point is detected and then calculated by the QS-View software. The z-value obtained is finally transmitted to the milling machine which cuts the material down to that limit.

Result for the client

from now on, one single pass is enough to achieve a milling process ensuring sufficient planarity on the steel ingots. Excessive removal of material this way is avoided, and the amount of scrap is reduced to an absolute minimum. Furthermore productivity is increased, as the deepest point for measurement and milling can be found in one single pass.

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