OEM-Integration of 3D sensor technology into bending machines

Initial situation:

100% inspection of dimensions in between represents a standard procedure in many production processes, but is usually still carried out in a separate step. Items not meeting requirements are screened, causing scrap and corresponding extra cost.


Particular Challenges with this OEM Application:

Parts eliminated in a 100% inspection are usually lost forever, and many companies are searching for methods to properly configure the entire process, with scrap cost minimized as far as possible.

QuellTech solution for OEM clients:

The QuellTech approach is replacing the inspection carried out afterwards by an active supervision directly implemented within the manufacturing bending machines. Example for a bending machine: The sensor continuously detects angle values achieved during deformation and transmits the results back to the machine control in real-time, so that in case of need the set values can be corrected without delay. Integration in control systems as well as adjustment to particular shape factors for the sensors, are possible.

Benefits for constructors of bending machines:

The quantity of scrap significantly decreases, as the manufacturing process remains under complete control with immediate reactions whenever needed. The use value of your equipment increases, thus extending your value chain. By the way, 100% inline inspection over the last years has increasingly gained significance in many production sectors.

For this reason, clients purchase these solutions not from the machine manufacturer, but additionally from specialized suppliers or third parties.

At QuellTech you can expect a high level of technical understanding of the applications in your machines and systems and a professional approach in your project. We accompany your company worldwide through the various phases of your OEM project, from the design-in process to integrating the integration into your supply chain.

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