Initial situation:

Assessment of high speed behaviour of tires with laser inspection

In contrast to the classical application of QuellTech laser scanners in quality assurance, this example demonstrates the benefit of our laser inspection equipment in industrial research: Under extreme load conditions at high speed, tires before being destroyed show a typical behavior which the client intends to evaluate. In order to develop methods to improve the design, the dynamical situation of the tire surface under these circumstances has to be detected and examined.

laser inspection for high speed behaviour of tires

The laser inspection Challenge:

At very high speed, tires undergo an inspection on a roller type test stand, while being measured by a laser-line scanner over their entire width, including the tire shoulder.

The laser scanner used for that purpose must dispose of a wide laser line and high resolution; furthermore it is required to scan the surface dynamics at a considerable speed.  An additional difficulty for the laser inspection arises due to the high absorption rate of the (black) material.

The QuellTech solution:

Particularly for this application, QuellTech has equipped its Q6- Laserline Sensor with an extremely powerful laser source. The model configured this way is able to produce scan rates of up to 10,000 Hz with ultra-short exposure times of only a few micro seconds.

Result for the client:

Supported by this particularly adapted Q6 laser line scanner, the client meanwhile carries out studies with the aim of analyzing the dynamical change of tire geometry. The results of this investigation will help him to optimize the substructure.

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