Initial situation:

Inspection of razor blades

Our customer manufactures razor blades over 50 years and intends to integrate 3D laser scanners into the production line to improve his quality inspection process. The method in use until now was sampling and then investigating the properties of razors manually.

Particular challenges

Manual measurement of the razor blades angle, the gap between blades and height measurement of each item is time-consuming and prone to errors. Besides, the sampling method statistically has the disadvantage of difficulties in selecting a truly representative sample. Biased selection can lead one to draw an erroneous conclusion.

QuellTech Solution

QuellTech Q6-45 laser scanner is selected for this task since the requirements of the task were strict (± 0,01 mm and ± 0.1 °) and demanding high repeatability. 3D software is also implemented by QuellTech which returns angle, distance and height value of each item. Anomalies such as merged and splayed blades are also detected successfully.

Benefits for the client

Thanks to QuellTech’s highly accurate laser line scanners, the customer no longer needs a sampling method, instead he is able to carry out inline measurement with high speed, 150 blades per minute.  False-positive and negative rates are reduced significantly in the production line, and time is saved through automatic inspection.

Can we help you with your measurement task?

We are happy to carry out an initial test measurement for you. We give you an assessment of the feasibility of your measurement task.

We support you technically and in terms of sales in further approach and implementation.