Initial situation:

Contactless inline inspection of forged pieces

Within the frame of quality assurance, the forged pieces of this client have to be checked in an inline inspection with respect to several parameters:  Inner and outer diameters, as well as the absence of surface defects have to be verified.

Video of inline forgings inspection for dimensional accuracy and surface defects with QuellTech Laser Scanner.

Laser-Scanner-Comparison Q6

Inline Inspection of forged pieces with contactless laser system
Inline inspection station for forged steel parts

Particular Challenges

Manual inspection carried out until now turned out to be not reliable enough, particularly after an increase in production. The final rejection rate has seriously affected the productivity of the entire manufacturing process. A solution for a contactless inline inspection was needed.

The QuellTech Solution

A testing station including an index table has been designed. This configuration acts as a support for two QuellTech Q4-60 laser scanners, used for inspection of the parameters mentioned above.

The integrated software evaluates the dimension results, and furthermore determines whether surface defects discovered exceed preset limits or not.  Failed parts are sorted out correspondingly.

Benefits for the Client:

Thanks to the implementation of the inline inspection testing station, quality requirements meanwhile can reliably be met, and the rejection rate could considerably be lowered. This automated testing procedure does not only improve the productivity of the manufacturing line, but also minimizes labor costs required for inspection.

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