Initial situation:

BGA connector pin inspection

Client produces connectors and two sides of the connector must be inspected carefully. Since on one side there are BGAs and on the other side there are pins, height, alignment and count of pins and count and height of BGAs are important for connector to function properly. Therefore the manufacturer needs to control 100% of both sides in order to avoid any problems.

Particular challenges

Up to now manufacturer was inspecting both sides manually. However, when it is considered that there are 450 pins each with thickness of 0.2 mm and there are 450 BGAs each with diameter of 0.8 mm, it is very clear how hard this task could be for a human. In such case one cannot expect repeatable or reliable outcomes from this quality control.

QuellTech solution

With almost no reflections, pins and BGAs are easily measurable objects for QuellTech´s Q6-C15-45 2D Laser Line Scanner. Using the QuellTech scanner it is possible to detect several properties like count, height, alignment with high speed and consistency. Thanks to 100 % inline inspection, the manufacturer can easily scrap parts which do not satisfy standard quality features.

Benefits for the client

The Manufacturer can replace the manual inspection with highly reliable, robust and precise 100% inspection process.  This will prevent undetected errors and increase consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.

Is the QuellTech laser surface defects inspection suitable for your particular application? 

Feasibility studies for the particular task can be performed beforehand. Initial test measurement (free of charge). Simply send us a corresponding sample. Flexible and affordable adaptation to customer specific requirements within a short delay. Safe and reliable products, proven in practical applications.