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Welcome to the First QuellTech NEWSLETTER

In the future, we would like to inform you regularly about the latest Machine Vision applications of the QuellTech Laser Scanner from practice and you will be informed about product improvements and new announcements. Stay in touch with us!

Stefan Ringwald, Project Engineer

3D Laser Sensor Technology

NEW QuellTech relaunch website: QuellTech has revised and optimized its website. In particular, the field of applications with laser scanners from industry practice has been restructured and significantly expanded by:

QuellTech system partners can also use these application examples for their own advertising purposes. QuellTech makes the appropriate formats available to its system partners. Please contact Pia Schindler:

NEW Q5 Laser Scanner Series 

The new QuellTech Laser Scanner Series Q5 combines the advantages of small form factors at high resolution and high scan rates. The special feature of the Q5 laser scanners is the possibility to regulate the image area (AOI) in the X- and Z-axis. This specification favors high scan rates of up to 14,000 profiles / s and high resolutions up to 0.3 μ.

» More infos on the new Q5 laser scanner

QuellTech Laser-Scanner-Comparison 

With the new product comparison feature of our website, you can make it a lot easier to to compare our laser line find the right product that suits your purpose.

» Quelltech laser scanner comparison