QuellTech presents its brand-new laser scanner series Q5

High resolution and scan rate from now on available in an ultra-compact model.

The laser scanner series Q5 represents the latest development of QuellTech, and is able to generate highest resolution and scan rate in a system with small form factors. This combination could be achieved by the integrated possibility of limiting the image range in x and z direction. This way, a scan rate of up to 14,000 profiles/s and a resolution down to 0.3 µ have become available.

Special adjustable algorithms can be selected, extremely practical particularly also for optically most demanding surfaces. Time-consuming calibration tasks for the user are no more required, as the calibration routine runs on board.

  • High detection frequency with up to 14.000 profiles and 28 Mio. points per second.
  • Ultra-fine resolution, down to 0.3µ.
  • Compact form factor
  • X- measuring range from 10 to 1022 mm
  • Z- measuring range (height) from 5 to 878 mm
  • Laser wave length blue 405/450nm, red 650nm

Further new features have been implemented as well, e.g. the possibility of a Master-Slave configuration for Multi-Scanner applications, and increased stability and reliable protection thanks to sensor-controlled temperature supervision for electronics and laser. A software developer kit is available, and additionally also an interface to image processing software, which can be parameterized without programming. A demo software package, useful to quickly perform own feasibility studies for measuring objects, is included in the delivery.

For further information about the new series Q5 laser scanner consult:

QuellTech GmbH
Leonrodstrasse 56
80636 München

Your contact person: Pia Schindler | ps@quelltech.de | Telefon: +49 89 124723-75

Q5 Laser Scanner series Q5
Measurement of steel and aluminium ingots