2D / 3D Software and Machine Vision Software

General Image Processing Software for QuellTech Laser Scanners.

Surface with Recorded 3D Point Cloud and Parametrized Test Sequence.

Vision 3D Profile Software, provides measurement and image processing for QuellTech laser scanner series Q4, Q5 and Q6

Machine Vision Software for Parametrization by Drag-and-Drop without Programming

“Vision 3D Profile” Software, configured to support QuellTech laser scanners, grants access to the full 3D tool selection to perform analysis of profiles and point clouds. Available commands comprise e.g. 3D Match, Pattern Comparison in 3D and Bin-Picking. As QuellTech laser scanners cover a great variety of standard measuring applications, they can be used in an extremely flexible manner also in complex projects.

Vision 3D Profile standard software for Q4, Q5 and Q6 Series disposes of image processing features for different fields of application:

  • Measurement and testing technology
  • Surface inspection
  • Fault detection
  • Pattern matching
  • 3D detection
  • Object Identification
  • Position control, weld seam inspection
  • Planarity measurement
  • Weld bead inspection

Programming by Drag-and-Drop

Vision 3D Profile Software enables programming to be carried out by means of a simple graphical user interface. The intuitive user interface allows quick creation and implementation of new testing sequences.

QuellTech SDK Documentation

Software Developers Kit for QuellTech laser scanners

SDK for QuellTech Q4 and Q5 Laser Scanners

SDK for C and C++ for integration into own program codes. SDK are free of charge
For further information, use link to Quelltech contact page.

SDK for QuellTech Q6 Laser Scanners

mvIMPACT Acquire SDK – Standard-Programming Interface

mvIMPACT Acquire SDK – Standard-Programming Interface. mvIMPACT Acquire is the programming interface of MATRIX VISION. A multitude of current programming languages are supported, e.g.:

  • C,
  • C++,
  • C# and
  • VB.NET

The programming interface allows: Control of the hardware in question and detection of images (incl. parametrization).

For further information, use link to Quelltech contact page.

QS-Track GUI for set-up of process parameters

Tracking Software for Parametrization without Programming for QuellTech Q4 Laser Scanner

“QS-Track-Seam License” Software branch specific solution: Tracking applications for weld gaps and positioning of glue beads.

The QS-Track Software represents a branch solution frequently used in welding machines, designed to correct robot as well as linear axis controlled welding processes in x and z direction.

QS-Track enables different geometries and tolerance fields to be parametrized by means of a GUI without programming.  Communication with the QuellTech Q4 laser scanner takes place via Ethernet, with SPC or robot likewise. For further information, use link to Quelltech contact page.

For further information, use link to Quelltech contact page.

QS-View Presentation of the Measuring Result in 2D (at the top) and 3D display presentation

Profile Visualization of a 3D Point Cloud

Demo Software for Proof of Concept Test

  • Demo-QS-View License Software” for Q4 Laser Scanner
  • Demo –Profile Capture T License Software” for Q5 Laser Scanner

Profile Visualization of a 3D Point Cloud. Demo Measuring software with 2D functions like radius, height, width, angle, gap, volume and step for quick verification of feasibility for a particular object.

Demo-3D-Explorer Software for Q6 Laser Scanner

„Demo-3D-Explorer Software“ comprises image analysis functions with respect to standard deviation, noise, signal/noise ratio, and for optimization of the algorithms of the Q6 laser scanner. Simple distance measurement in 2D profile is possible as well as assessment of the behavior of the surface (cooperative/non-cooperative).

QuellTech provide Demo Software for Q4, Q5 and Q6 free of charge.

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HDevelop Surface with Recorded 3D Point Cloud

Development Environment for 3D Machine Vision of Q6 Laser Scanner

QuellTech Q6 laser scanner series support HALCON, the leading development platform for the entire range of applications in industrial image processing.

The Halcon development platform offers:

  • Large library with more than 2000 operators for Low, Medium and High Level Image Processing
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) for industrial image processing
  • Simple programming in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, .NET and Delphi1
  • Useful for: Product development, research and teaching, quality assurance, inspection tasks
  • Brand new features for 3D machine vision
  • Matching, even able to find rotating or partially hidden objects
  • Detection of lines, circles and ellipses with an accuracy of up to 1/50 pixels
  • Extremely quick morphology
  • Precise 3D camera calibration

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QuellTech Tutorials with QuellTech Laser Scanner and Sofware

Video-Tutorial: BGA Inspection – Checking Count and Height of BGAs with QuellTech Laser Scanner and Software

Video-Tutorial: Pin Inspection – Checking Count and Alignment of Pins with QuellTech Laser Scanner and Sofware

Video-Tutorial: Automatically Detecting Holes or Spatters with QuellTech Laser Scanner

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