Q6 Laser Scanner for 2D and 3D Measurement

The optimum method for automatic non-contacting measurement of:

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Principle: Laser Line Triangulation

QuellTech laser-scanners make use of the triangulation principle to detect the two-dimensional profile of surfaces. By means of particular optical components, a point-shaped laser beam is expanded to a line and projected to the object of interest.  The diffuse light of the reflected laser line is captured by an objective at a certain angle and then directed to a two-dimensional receiver chip.

On the basis of distances and angles known, a precise calibrated height value (z) is calculated for each pixel in the x level (laser line), resulting in a precise profile in the x-z plane of the sample. If the scanner is guided over the sample (y axis), a series of profiles is created forming a three-dimensional point cloud in space. This point cloud can be subjected by dimensional control carried out by the software.

Measuring range
Measurement of a disc brake

Q6 Laser Scanner, a Heavy Duty Series for Most Demanding Measuring Tasks

QuellTech Q6 Laser Scanners are ideally suited for industrial applications, requiring maximum precision and process stability at high traverse speed:

  • High resolution and profile speed of 14.000 profiles/s and up to 57 Mio points/s
  • X-Measuring range from 45 to 1200 mm
  • Z-Measuring range (height) from 15 to 800 mm
  • Laser wave length blue 405/450 nm, red 650 nm

For Q6 laser scanners, different power classes are available from 1 mW to 160 mW. For optimum adaptation to the surfaces to be examined, the power class and wave length can be selected.

Video-Q6 in action

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Q6 Laser Scanner, Further Properties

  • Resolution down to 0,24 µm (numeric resolution)
  • Special algorithms for very glossy material
  • Different High Dynamic Range (HDR)- Modes for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
  • Multi Slope Mode for objects of strongly differing reflectivity
  • Different trigger modes, 2 trigger inputs (encoder input RS422)
  • Several measuring windows to be set up on chip
  • Automatic tracking of measuring windows
  • Master-Slave configuration for Multi-scanner application
  • User configurations to be stored in laser scanner
  • Individual extremely precise calibration at the site of the manufacturer
  • Casing with protective system IP67
  • *GenICam and GigEVision Interface Standard for connection to known image processing software tools
  • Software Developer Kit
  • Image processing software




  • Portioning of food
  • Inspection of rail profiles for railway
  • Angle setting of aircraft flaps and ailerons
  • Inspection of printed circuits

Are Quelltech Laser-Sensor-Systems suitable for your particular application?

Feasibility studies for the particular task can be performed beforehand. Initial test measurement (free of charge). Simply send us a corresponding sample. Flexible and affordable adaptation to customer specific requirements within a short delay. Safe and reliable products, proven in practical applications.