EVT EyeVision 3D

EyeVision 3D supports Quelltech 2D / 3D laser scanners

As part of the new partnership between EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH and QuellTech, the QuellTech 2D / 3D laser scanners are now supported by EyeVision software from EVT. The user is thus provided with the full 3 D instruction set of the EyeVision software, which can thus make profile as well as point cloud evaluations. The EyeVision standard software provides image processing solutions for a wide variety of applications:

  • Measuring and testing technology
  • Surface inspection
  • Error detection
  • Pattern Matching
  • 3D capture
  • Object recognition
  • Position control, weld inspection

QuellTech 2D / 3D laser scanners together with EyeVision image processing solutions are an ideal combination for solving different standard measurement applications without much programming effort. Further information at: www.evt-web.com